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Charlie Foster has fished the local area near Portland, Oregon his entire life. If you want to fish for Sturgeon you are at the right place! Charlie is an expert Sturgeon fishing guide. Years and years of experience teach one how to catch Sturgeon including the right time of day to fish for Sturgeon, the best Sturgeon baits, the currents that big Sturgeon like best, the traveling patterns and migration routes Sturgeon take and the depths and structure that trophy Sturgeon prefer.

Fishing In The Northwest With Charlie Foster And NW Sturgeon Adventures Is As Good As It Gets. The Videos, Photos And Newspaper Stories About This Northwest Fishing Guide Tell It All. Please Take Your time Looking Through The Website And Then Call And Book Your Next Northwest Fishing Adventure Today.


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There may not be many things in your life you can own that are the VERY BEST made. No matter how big your house is, someone will have one that's bigger. There will always be people with more jewelry and a more expensive car. It seems that no matter how much you spend or what you do that it's just impossible to get the best there is of anything. Well, that is unless you want to go Sturgeon fishing. When it comes to Sturgeon fishing it's nice to know that you can fish with the best Sturgeon fishing guide in the Northwest.

Don't be that guy! Binoculars are fun but they should be used to see the Eagles and not to try to find out what another boat is using for bait. YOU CAN FISH WITH THE BEST STURGEON FISHING GUIDE ON THE RIVER. Ask anyone who has ever fished next to Charlie Foster and they will tell you that he catches a boatload of Sturgeon. Other guides will call him to see where the fish are and what he's using but that varies so much according to water temperature, current, water levels, water clarity and many more factors that often Charlie cannot give good answers to questions other guides and Sturgeon fishermen ask. He will say that I can tell you what they were eating today and where I caught them today but I cannot tell you where they'll be tomorrow or what they'll be eating until I get there and access the "entire situation." Charlie fishes for Sturgeon all year long and he's done it all his life and he knows where to move to if the Sturgeon are not biting, what bait to switch to if they are not eating and what currents, depths, water temperatures and what type of water to look for before ever dropping an anchor and most of the time he "looks" at the water currents instead of just starting a a fixed depth from the fish finder that may have worked last month when the currents and water flow were much different.

Click on any of the videos below to see some really great
Sturgeon fishing action on the Columbia River in Oregon.

NW Sturgeon Adventures on the
Columbia River with guide, Charlie Foster
Hard fighting legal Sturgeon
the Columbia River
Big sturgeon on the Columbia River
with NW Sturgeon adventures
Big Sturgeon battle
on the Columbia River

Sturgeon Fishing Reports
We post weekly fishing reports to keep you in touch with EXACTLY what's going on in Sturgeon fishing in the Portland, Oregon area. We've started a blog and now you can CLICK HERE to read all the reports and to see several recent photos too!

In San Francisco Sturgeon fishing is really a popular sport but the problem is that they just don't have near the resources or fish populations that we have here in Oregon so they often come up here to get in on what many believe is the best Sturgeon fishing in the World. Check out (below) what SFGATE had to say about a recent trip they took with Charlie Foster, guide of NW Sturgeon Adventures.
"Hold, please, I've got a monster on the line"
Tom Stienstra, Chronicle Outdoors Writer
Thursday, June 4, 2009
     On my first cast, I hooked a 7-foot 10-inch, 250-pound sturgeon. When I pulled back on the rod, the fish yanked back so hard that it jerked the rod tip into the water and nearly hauled me overboard.
"One of the small ones," said guide Charlie Foster on his boat, the Sturgeon General.
     At dawn Friday, we anchored below Oregon City Falls. In the first five minutes, we saw several big sturgeon jump and roll on the surface, and I felt the glow of anticipation. The Willamette River is the Jurassic Park of fishing, where you hunt and release the dinosaurs of fish.
"My goal is for every person to catch the biggest fish of their life   ....... CLICK HERE to see the rest of this great article.

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Washington Sturgeon fishing guides and Oregon Sturgeon fishing guides offer trips all over the state and sometimes catch Sturgeon but sometimes get skunked. NW Sturgeon Adventures catches Sturgeon every trip and it's never a question of "if" you'll catch fish but "how many you will catch" and "how long you'll be able to last before your arms get tired!"


This Columbia River fishery has consistent year round fishing action. Columbia River and Willamette river Sturgeon are awesome fighters and are the largest freshwater fish in the world.
Whether it's keepers at 38" to 54", or trophy oversize that average from 7 to 12 feet in length and up to 500 lbs Charlie will make sure you catch them when you book a trip with NW Sturgeon Adventures. Sometimes catch rates can exceed 20 or more keeper sturgeon a day and 5 to 10 oversize Sturgeon a day making this a non-stop exciting and super fun fishing experience and the fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Fisherman's Marine Supply, Stevens Marine and other local sponsors put on an annual Salmon and Sturgeon Derby. Charlie Foster of NW Sturgeon Adventures enters every year and always takes pride in finishing high. A recent winner of this Sturgeon Fishing Derby, Charlie is always a competitor to reckon with and well respected by all the other fishing derby contestants. When you decide who to go Sturgeon fishing with why not go with the best.

 The fish was caught by Eric Redman aka "The Minnesota Madman" and was 9 1/2 feet long.
The water temp was only 50 degrees when he jumped in to take this photo of the Sturgeon.

CALL NOW ..... Unlike other types of fishing where there may be only a week or two of good fishing and a few months before and after that where the guides will just try to fill the boat, Sturgeon fishing is good year 'round. But we'd still like you to CALL NOW because you'll feel a whole bunch better knowing that you have a trip booked (just a small deposit is required) and we take reservations on a first come first served basis so you'll want to make sure we have open seats on the times you have scheduled for vacation. We have gift certificates, Corporate trips and you are invited to bring the whole family because EVERYONE loves to fish for Sturgeon.

NOTE: The phone number below is Charlie's Cell Phone. If he is not able to answer your call he will call you back shortly. Charlie Foster does not use email very much yet as he spends too much time on the water and often is in places where he cannot get Internet service so the BEST way to contact NW Sturgeon Adventures is by calling:

(503) 820-1189


Portland, Oregon

Charlie Foster's NW Sturgeon Fishing Guide Service

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