Charlie Foster has fished the Columbia and Willamette rivers for over 25 years. He has exclusively fished sturgeon from the falls at Oregon City to the Dalles dam. Charlie is very dedicated to having a good time as well as catching fish. It takes a lifetime of persistence to gain the experience and knowledge that you will enjoy on your fishing adventure. Charlie was the captain of the first place team at the annual 2005 G.I. Joes sturgeon derby. Come join Charlie for a relaxing day on the water and a memory that will last a lifetime.

When Sturgeon jump you are often able to get a photograph because they rise slowly from the depths and you can see the line beginning to move upward. By watching the line you can see where the Sturgeon is likely to appear and these jumps are amazing acrobatics.

NOTE: The phone number below is Charlie's Cell Phone. If he is not able to answer your call he will call you back shortly. Charlie Foster does not use email very much yet as he spends too much time on the water and often is in places where he cannot get Internet service so the BEST way to contact NW Sturgeon Adventures is by calling:

(503) 820-1189


Portland, Oregon

Charlie Foster's NW Sturgeon Fishing Guide Service

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